A Business Solution to a Social Problem
A Social Solution to a Business Problem

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More than half of Americans are struggling with their financial health.

83% of them are under - or un-insured.

With inclusive insurance, ostraa is fixing that.

“[Insurance] can provide a safety net for individuals when they face disruptive life events, such as major home repairs, income lost to unemployment, a pay cut, illness, injury, and death… Insurance is a critical tool that provides protection, even in the absence of any savings cushion.” - Center for Financial Services Innovation

Americans are financially unstable

  • Only 28% of Americans are considered financially healthy. The rest of us are financially coping (55%) or financially vulnerable (17%).

  • 40% of Americans earning under $60,000/year report that unexpected financial shocks has prevented them from pay bills on time.

  • 45% report that financial shocks has affected their ability to control debt, an impact that can lead to spiraling debt.

- “U.S. Financial Health Pulse, 2018 Baseline Survey Results,” and “Insuring the Way to a Financially Resilient America; Developing Successful Products for LMI Consumers” - Center for Financial Services Innovation, June 2018


Americans need insurance

  • 40% of adult Americans don’t have life insurance

  • 80% don’t have disability insurance

  • 59% of renters don’t have renter’s insurance

- “2018 Insurance Barometer Study, Life Happens and LIMRA” and “2018 Facts + Statistics: Renters Insurance” - Insurance Information Institute, 2018.

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The question

How can we improve Americans’ financial health and provide them with affordable insurance protections?

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Our answer

By offering inclusive insurance at no-cost to the consumer through innovative channels in multiple industries.

What we do

Ostraa provides a suite of no-cost, inclusive insurance products to 1099 independent contractors, financial services and retail consumers. Ostraa gives Americans the insurance protections they need, while supporting corporate KPIs and helping Americans withstand financial shocks and better stabilize their financial health.

The ostraa model is a business solution to a social problem and a social solution to a business problem.