The ostraa model is a turn-key, scalable program framed to match units of worker or consumer behaviors with KPIs.

We partner with organizations across multiple industries to offer no-cost insurance protection to customers and independent contractors based around pre-determined behaviors aimed at meeting corporate objectives.

Our human-centered research has informed a process of defining inclusive insurance protection products that offer measurable benefits sustainably.

Read about ostraa’s partnership with United Taxi Management, one of New York City’s largest taxi garages. UTM and ostraa have launched an Inclusive Insurance program to ease the financial and emotional strain of its drivers.

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Employers of 1099- Independent Contractors

Independent contractors are predicted to make up the majority of the U.S. workforce by 2027. (“Freelancing In America”, UpWork/Freelancers Union, 2017.) Often 1099 workers struggle to supplement their own insurance benefits. Inclusive insurance fills that gap to support workers and employers.

With ostraa, employers offer inclusive insurance packages at no-cost, in exchange for predetermined units of work which advance corporate objectives. For example, a contractor who works 20 hours a week may receive no-cost life insurance in a relative value to the 20 hours of work.

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Inclusive Insurance for 1099 Independent Contractors

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Fintech and Financial Services

Working within the U.S. regulatory framework, ostraa has developed life insurance products to wrap around fintech and finserv platforms. ostraa’s inclusive insurance products are priced to be offered at no cost to the consumer while being advantageous to providers by exchanging insurance protections for behaviours that drive key performance indicators.

For example, when fintech users engage with the product at a certain level, they may receive a predetermined level of insurance protections. Or, when users engage in good financial behaviors with the product, such as paying down debt, they may be rewarded with inclusive insurance.

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Retail and Services Providers

Similar to our model for fintech, ostraa partners with retailers to match insurance rewards with consumer behaviors that advance corporate goals. For example, mobile services providers are able to attract and maintain customers by offering what other providers do not: life insurance protections when customers renew their service contracts.

Delivered through mobile distribution platforms, ostraa products are designed to open gateways into more expanded insurance products and services and allow us to ultimately build inclusive insurance products for consumers with minimum friction.

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